Maria Manhattan's Guide to New York City

Here's a peek at I LOVE THIS TOWN!!! Free and Fabulous NYC. It's a guide   book that I've been developing for tourists as well as the millions of us who remain curious about our town and continue to further explore a place we think we know well. New York City is a big playground, open 24/7. The passing parade is always passing, so jump in.

My love for New York springs from family outings when I was a kid to see Broadway shows, museums, movies, libraries, ice skaters, parades and special exhibitions. I have remained a perpetual tourist in this endlessly fascinating city that has inspired great writers, painters, musicians, composers, political movements, social movements, gangsters and politicians.

I LOVE THIS TOWN!!! is family friendly, and offers inexpensive ways to have some fun while learning basic New York City history. A clearly marked map in the back of the book, along with subway directions make it a practical guide to a big city. So far the book has about 60 entries. I continue to research and add more. Each description is accompanied by an illustration. Below are some sample pages. If you have a favorite attraction in NYC that is free or almost free, let me know about it. Just click on the Contact button and drop me a line.

I'd like to give away free copies of this guide to New York City school children. I could also see this as the first in a series of I LOVE THIS TOWN!!! books. Other cities await!